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I am a mom of three and a fitness & nutrition enthusiast/advocate who shares positivity to those choosing to become healthier. I educate through the four pillars of health are Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.

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I overcame my own battle with emotional eating, poor body image and abusive exercise regimen through combining holistic nutrition and exercise. I now use this same method to help women heal, attain their ideal body and get off the dieting roller coaster.

Get clear on what your ideal body looks and feels like for you.

What are your challenges?
Where are you blocked?

Simple changes that can be made to yield big results.

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Ditch the Diet Forever

I love taking a traditional recipe and turning it into a nutrient-dense dish for the whole family to enjoy!  I share recipes similar to some of your most favorite, unhealthy meals in a healthy version for you to enjoy! Healthy doesn’t mean boring.



  • Natasha inspired me to work hard and maximize my workout-time post baby. She opened my eyes to working smarter not longer during workouts. Her encouragement motivated me to work hard and listen to my body.

    Erin G.
  • Training with Natasha has brought awareness back to all the places where I've been lazy.  Each one of her workouts is designed with a purpose and her explanations and training style are informed and patient.  From the start, I told Natasha that I would be one of her toughest clients because I have lots of excuses.  I'm glad she took on the challenge - her commitment to fitness and a nourishing lifestyle is contagious!

    Christina V.
  • I highly recommend this program! Thank you, Natasha, for helping me find the missing pieces in the big picture of overall wellness!

    MaryJane E.
  • 6 months ago I met Natasha Linton on the yoga mat at BCalm Power Yoga. We became fast friends and Natasha (being a health coach- check out her site at nourishandenjoy.com) began to help guide me on my path towards establishing a healthy relationship with food and exercise and how to increase my overall mindfulness. 6 weeks ago I decided I needed a major shift so I signed up for her six week Personal Wellness for Better Living program called 'Radiate'. Throughout the last six weeks we worked closely to re-examine my relationship with myself, my emotions, and my unhealthy eating patterns. Going into the program I had no idea I would have the breakthrough I did. For the first time in my adult life I am confident that I have the tools to keep up with the self-care and mindful eating cycle that 'Radiate' has helped me to establish these past six weeks. Please check out Natasha at Nourish if you are looking to shift your mindset about food, gain self-love and compassion and increase your mindfulness in all aspects of your life!!!

    Amy D.

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